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The Orlando Florida based Barley Wine Band, together since 1994, is Central Florida's premier classic rock & roll band. The Barley Wine Band performs a variety of classic rock and roll the way you remember it as well as a few current tunes destined to become classics. The Barley Wine Band can be found performing for special events, corporate functions, private parties, fund raisers and an occasional public appearance in establishments serving food and drink (OK, mostly drink). The Barley Wine Band has also become a festival favorite having made numerous appearances at a variety of Central Florida festivals including the New Smyrna Beach Fishstock, the Taste of Oviedo, Winter Springs Festival of the Arts and Uptown Altamonte's Art, Craft and Wine Festival.

Specializing in favorites from the 60's and 70's, The Barley Wine Band also satisfies even the most diverse group of listeners with a few selections from more modern bands. As a result, the band performs music spanning five decades, from the 60's through today ( I know, its scary).

Most Barley Wine Band Musicians have been playing for many years although a few just won't admit exactly how long. The Barley Wine Band satisfy the critics as a result of some exceptional talent. In fact, during one corporate event last year, the leader of the sound crew dubbed The Barley Wine Band as the best non-professional band in Orlando. Not bad for a bunch of aging rock and rollers! Battle of the corporate bands, here we come.


Today the Barley Wine Band consists of six members including:

Nick on lead vocals
Dave on the drums
Dan on guitars and vocals
Mark on guitars and vocals
Frank on Bass and vocals
Shannon on keyboards, sax, harmonica, vocals and whatever else he feels like playing

The Barley Wine Band actually began in 1991 when Dan and our original Hall of Fame drummer Herb got together to jam in the garage. Various bass players, guitarists and vocalists came and went until Mark joined the band in early 1993 with Nick, Rob and Shannon coming on in 1994. Herb retired in 2006 and was replaced by now Hall of Fame drummer Gary who departed for Houston in 2008. Rob, an exceptional talent, came in for a short time on drums but soon left for the fun and sun of the beach. In 2010 Herb returned for a short time. In 2010, bass player Rob, left the band after more than 15 years of extraordinary playing. With tough shoes to fill, Dan reached back to the stone ages of college and pulled Frank out of retirement to join the band. In 2012, Dave joined the band as our new drummer extraordinare.

The band has performed for a number of special events over the years and continues to add new music when it can. Over the years, the garage has evolved as well taking on more of a studio look. The cars and typical garage items have long been removed in favor of band equipment, PA gear, sound proofing, more gear, more sound proofing and on and on. We think it may be worse than a boat. At least the neighbors don't complain...much...

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